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1) Professional knowledge, this profession is in some way a sufficient depth of knowledge, rather than superficial Luezhipimao. You can say that this profession is an important guarantee for the smooth working career;
2) Professional attitude: that means from the attitude of respecting knowledge, respecting the experts.
A corporate integrity is very important, related to business survival, a person of integrity is very important, it is a person's reputation problem. Like to do business brand as soon as possible to make the brand themselves. Because when you have become brands, then you've just bought an insured.
Whether you plan to do last night, birthday, or what, a word tomorrow to work on time. This is the discipline. A discipline employees speak not be respected by others, including your subordinates. Therefore, since the beginning of self-discipline to do a good thing is a prerequisite.
Responsibility can be developed, no boss is fully trusted, "the boss did report" shows that he is a responsible person, so everything goes smoothly, they also make a phone call reporting "good progress." In fact, many owners are curious to know what you're doing, but they are embarrassed to ask you in person only. If you want the boss of decentralization, it is necessary to develop your sense of responsibility.
Now often comes graduates "quit" very frequent, like skipping less frequent, it was a few months almost to a "quit", in fact, right after you have a serious impact on candidates. I hope the employees, especially graduates should not "quit", "quit" is not as easy as skipping, because your background is also a good asset records.

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